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Services are actually the United State’s largest export, with tech and intellectual property making up a huge piece of the pie.


It’s no secret that the Silicon Valley and other tech hubs have ushered in a fourth industrial revolution and so on. Not only do tech companies make our lives easier and better quality, there is also a huge culture of philanthropy in tech.


The world’s biggest philanthropists from Bill Gates to Gordon Moore are also highly lauded tech executives who have completely transformed the world in one way or another. Tech philanthropy is an interested, yet underreported subject.


For this reason, I’d like to share some of the coolest ways tech companies and executives are supporting charities.

Supporting Under Supported Charities

There are many foundations much like Andrew Miller Foundation that help support underfunded charities. The idea is entirely unique in scope and quite clever.


In fact, his mission and late year-end statement was to support under supported and smaller charities that also have a huge impact on our lives. Through the organization’s charitable donations, they have been able to keep multiple non-profits financially viable through this year and the organization is seeking to expand its work.  

Letting Employees Choose

There has been a rising trend among tech companies and even startups, who have embraced the idea of letting employees choose which charity they would like to donate and fundraise for. What’s so unique about this idea is that it incentivizes employees to work harder to raise money for a cause they believe in or have a personal connection with.

Setting Aside Time to Donate

Of course, philanthropy is not all about writing a check. The best way to assist an organization is sometimes to get involved and complete volunteer work. That’s why Zurb allows its employees to put all client work on hold to take the day off to create a marketing campaign for a non-profit organization. Some companies like Ciena even offer additional paid time off for volunteer work.

Tech Philanthropy is Rich and Diverse

What’s so great about the tech industry’s approach to philanthropy is that it leverages their own natural creativity to apply to charity work. Whether it’s creating marketing campaigns for nonprofits or donating technology to help nonprofits automate tasks and save money, tech industries have taken the lead in terms of philanthropic industries and created new precedents for other industries and corporations to follow.