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Former CEO Creates a Foundation for Under-Recognized Charities

Technology leader and former CEO of Polycom, Andrew Miller, recently created the Andrew Miller Foundation. What is especially relevant about this foundation is that it aims to support underfunded charities. The Foundation Supports Small Bay Area Charities Miller’s...

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How big tech is fueling philanthropy

The idea of philanthropy has been around for a long time, but has recently received a big boost and some changes. Big tech companies have entered onto the scene, and their philanthropic methods are fueling a new wave of charity. These massive tech companies have a...

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4 Ways to Improve Client Relations

Every agency, business or organization of any kind should be looking for ways to improve client relations. Relationships rarely come easy, and it’s highly unlikely that a long list of “perfect” clients is going to fall right into your lap. It takes work, and any time...

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